Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Guardian's Portrait of London wins Amnesty Media Award

Shook the dust out of my whistle, buffed my pate, and chewed my fingernails at the Amnesty Media Awards last week, and, amid the surprisingly lengthy thank yous, Leo Benedictus offered a functional acceptance speech for a really excellent Guardian special report I had unaccountably missed. London: The world in one city pulls together a huge range of statistics with interviews, profiles, and maps to create a portrait of London's much-vaunted diversity. Organised by ethnicity, religion, and omission, it's the outstanding result of what Benedictus called "travelling around on a tube pass and eating nice food". A worthy winner. Link

Friday, September 09, 2005

An Immigration Map of Great Britain (ippr, via BBC, via Observer Blog)

ippr have released a report mapping Britain's immigrant communities in some depth. Mapping country of birth is a good way in, but a more revealing (if infinitely more complex) map might be brought out by mapping grandparents' countries of birth... Free BBC version (thanks to Observer Blog)
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